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Any of the rental fees can be paid via the ON LINE PAYMENT System.

Please note: there are certain charges to you if you use this method. You may also pay with certified / bank check, or money order. No cash accepted.

Tenant Information ​


It is our pleasure to help you find your rental home. Here you will find everything you need to get started  and to help you along the way during your stay with us.

Rental Application Process

You will find the tenant application available as an on-line form or download. Please read the application requirements completely and prepare to submit the associated documents* to strengthen your application. If your lease will require a guarantor, the same application process applies. It is highly advised that you speak with a property manager before completing your application and submitting payments.

         Proof of income: pay stubs, recent tax returns, bank statements showing liquid balances, employment lettersaccountant prepared earning statement, any other form of income (alimony, child support, etc). We do not accept individual deposits via online payment portals i.e. Venmo, Square, etc.


$100.00 Application Fee per first tenant (all tenants age 18+ required) application

$  50.00 Application Fee per each additional Tenant/Guarantor application 

$ First Month's Rent (Payable with application - see Disclosure Statement on application)

$ Security (Payable five days prior to move-in, security based per application, minimum of 120% of rent)

   Students: Initial Payments Required: First Month, Last Month, Security based on % of rent per number of

   occupant: (1-2) 150%, (3+) 200%   Discounts may be available for Full Term Payment.

$40.00/mo Pet Fee per pet  [Liability Insurance may be required]

        Military/Veterans, First Responders and Teachers ask us about our application fee discount.


Please Note...

Some helpful tips to make your experience more enjoyable.


  • Be aware of parking. Only park your registered (or guests) car in designated areas, assigned spots, garages, etc. Illegally parked cars may be towed at car owner's expense.

  • Clean up after your pet!! Whether in your own yard or the neighborhood. 

  • Follow the grill rules set by properties or community associations.  Fire codes restrict use of any open flame on balcony or porches of apartment, condos, townhouses.

  • Flushable wipes... DO NOT DISPOSE OF IN TOILET.  YOU will be responsible for plumbing charges.

Current Tenant Forms   Please contact your Property Manager before completing any form.  All forms download as a PDF.

Utility Contact List

For office, utilities, cable

Also see links page


Tenant Add/Drop

Need to add, drop, swap a roommate?


Flagler Student Notice

We love renting to students. But you need to do your part...


County Housing Ordinance

Limits tenants per unit


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